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Decklists & Guides 

Explore and improve in the games you love by following our tips and tricks to get a competitive edge on other players, our team will work hard to bring the possible quality guides, for the pirate's standards.

Fun community activities

In our live streams, we care about our crew! you know we don't want a mutiny on our ship, so we listen to your feedback and organize community events &  more.

Give Away & Promotions

When we find a treasure we will always give something back to our crew this makes them happy and prevents shady assassination conspiracy.

The Pirates Features

Live Streams

Daily live streams, get on board the ship to see what our pirates are doing, and make sure to leave a follow!

Discord Community Tavern

If you want to engage and braw whit other pirates and the twitch chat is not enough visit our tavern discord, here you can take a beer and play your favorite gambling games.


We also have some goblins working for us, they craft merch, proxies  & other goods that we trade on the black market for gold & rums.


We already have some secret islands where we hang out, and we are planning to make them a tourist attraction! Join the action and thrive in the web seas whit us.


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